Latest UK retail fraud figures are published

The latest survey from the well respected Retail Knowledge is out. The full press release can be found here.

The study represents retailers with annual sales totalling £137 billion; 30% of the total UK retail sector and encompasses retail performance of 42,700 stores.

Some key findings from the report

  • Shrink levels have increased by over 22.2% in 2014, rising from 0.9% of sales last year to 1.1% this year
  • The shrinkage rates vary by retail sector from department stores at 2.4% of sales to home shopping retailers at 0.6% of sales.
  • In the UK the biggest area of store loss remains shoplifting at 39%, closely followed by
  • Theft or fraud by employees at 33%, which has also seen an increase by 6% since last year


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