Threats to profits at point of sale (part 1)

Industry reports consistently state that around 80% of all retail staff fraud is conducted at the point of sales by till manipulation. Till manipulation fraud is the alteration of transactions on the till for the purpose of liberating cash or goods.

There are many classic methods that are used – we will describe the most commonly used over the next few blog postings. Full details can be found here.

Void / transaction cancel

Void sales frauds generally target cash sales. The aim of the fraud is to stop the sale from being recorded and to steal the proceeds. If the sale is not recorded, the money will not be missed from the banking of sales receipts.

A real sale of goods with a real customer is required, as someone needs to hand over the money that is stolen. The employee will sell an item to a customer, hand the item to the customer and take the money from the customer, but will either not ring up a sale or ring up a void sale.







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