CCTV edge recording: Selecting your SD Card

Edge recording cameras with the own built in storage are a gamer changer for the CCTV market. But the weak point is the SD storage. SD storage is write limited. That is, has a limited number of writes to each memory cell before the card becomes unreliable. Depending on who you believe this can be anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000 writes.

So what are the key considerations?

  1. Configure the camera to write only the video you need. This is best done using motion alerts.
  2. Use the best compression available. This minimizes the writes for a set amount of video.
  3. Use a reasonable sized card. An 8Gb card has 1/4 the life of a 32Gb card.
  4. Use high quality SD cards from a reputable company. SanDisk are good, provide warranties and range of cards to meet the most demanding of uses.

How much can you store on a 32 Gb SD Card?

axis sd card storage

What is the lifespan of a 32 Gb SD Card?

axis sd card lifespan

And remember that Moore’s law will come to our rescue. In 3 years’ time we will be replacing our current cards for ones 4 times the size at half the price.

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