Rare but devastating: Organized crime rings and your staff

Most staff theft is by individuals or loose groupings of staff collaborating. But at times you will find yourself targeted by organized crime rings. They will send one of their own associates in to apply for a job. Once this person is hired, the crime ring has an employee inside your organization for the sole purpose of making it easier for the crime ring to steal from you. Because this employee operates on the inside, they will plot the maximum extraction using experience and planning, whilst minimising the indicators of fraud. Generally they will work as hard to cover their tracks as they do to organize the theft.

Particular targets are high value merchandize, building materials and shipping/logistics departments.

The FBI states that organized retail theft is a $30 Billion a year industry. As an example a single team between 2008 and 2010 stole $10 million worth of goods a year.


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