Security insights from ASSA ABLOY Future Lab

The ASSA ABLOY Future Lab is an initiative aimed at observing and analyzing the trends and the future of the security arena. In a recent publication they highlight up and coming trends in security.

Technology fuels – and prevents shrinkage

But just as technology has created new challenges in retail loss prevention, it is also providing new opportunities for protection. As thieves become more sophisticated, so too are the tools to stop them.

Mike Jackson is a consultant with Security Research Group, a California-based security and safety management consulting firm. He cites intelligent video surveillance, a form of video analytics that detects movement in live or recorded video, as an example of the new technology.

Intelligent video surveillance systems operate on specifically programmed rules, so, if the video software feels that a customer standing in a particular area for a certain amount of time could constitute a potential theft, it will alert the operator. “Since this technology is independent, it doesn’t require as many people to monitor it so you reduce costs and boost productivity,” says Jackson.

Digital IP cameras, with streaming that can be accessed from anywhere, are also revolutionizing in-store security, while cloud technology is providing more flexible storage of data. Facial recognition cameras are also new tools in the fight against shrinkage. Programs can identify previous shoplifters from a database when they come into view and trigger an alarm. But this is an expensive technology, Jackson adds.

With Silverstar Analytics advanced video analytics and cloud platform, we bring ultra modern tools in a cost effective package to the retail industry.

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