Advantages of RFID in Retail


RFID Smart Labeling

  • Monitor unattended inventory.
  • Automatic item identification on mixed pallets.
  • “Smart Shelf” systems – designed to provide real time tracking of tagged items on shelves.
  • Shipping and Receiving applications.

Shelf Stocking

  • Real-time notification of out-of –stock items.
  • Improvement of product replenishment.
  • Retention of consumers who may turn to competitors if inventory item is out-of-stock.
  • Automated charting and tracking for improved product forecasting.

Overhead Reduction

  • Track product shipping and receiving from point-to-point automatically versus manual tracking to save time and labor cost.
  • Know how many units of inventory or on-site via automated RFID system versus manual process, saving labor and time cost.
  • Efficiency in error reduction reduces manual labor cost.

Check-out Process

  • Reduce time spent in line.
  • Reduce labor/time cost of employees.
  • Streamline check-out process with ability to scan multiple items and pay for them all at once.

Inventory Shrinkage (Shrink) Reduction

  • Track retail items between point of manufacture or purchase from supplier and point of sale.
  • Real-time notification of security when RFID tagged items leave area without payment.
  • Competitive advantage – saving money on theft allows to offer product at lower prices.

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