Staffing: One of the ten most hated things by retailers

Shopkeep, a leading next generation point of sale system vendor, have a great blog posting on ‘Ten Things Restaurateurs
Secretly Hate‘. Number 9 caught our eye: Staffing. From Shopkeep

Turnover in the restaurant industry averages about 60%, compared to a 40% average in the private sector at large. In other words, restaurateurs find themselves in a nearly constant state of hiring. Focusing on ways to attract talented employees through wages and perks, and on keeping employee morale high can help to cut down on the hassles of perpetual advertising for workers and conducting interviews.

The challenge is finding new staff, quickly and efficiently, who will be a net asset for your business. Sub-standard staff can be quickly identified if your business has explicit expectations. Fraud is a different matter. Those who are experienced at fraud are by definition successful. Outwardly they will be a hard working and conscientious member of your team. Typically they are the most outgoing and sometimes the life and soul of the fun times. Behind all of this, they are motivated on their own success i.e. helping themselves to a slice of your business.

Staff Turnover

Read more about the motivators of staff at our web site here.

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