Saint or Sinner? Volunteer staff caught stealing from leading UK charity. Real-world retail loss prevention cases.


It has been reported in the UK press that Age UK, the country’s largest charity dedicated to helping everyone make the most of later life, has been the victim of theft and fraud by a number of its volunteers. As reported, some have been failing to register the full amount of cash paid at tills or taking donated goods themselves. In a few cases others have been helping themselves to cash directly.

As reported by the press

Charity volunteers stealing millions in cash and donations from their own shops

Age UK said it had assessed 13 stores. A source said it was thought cases of ­dishonesty had been found at most.Age UK said it had assessed 13 stores. A source said it was thought cases of ­dishonesty had been found at most.

Age UK said: “As an extension of our regular assessment and part of our targeted monitoring activity, we recently reviewed 13 out of our 430-plus shops.

“We recognise that we have a duty to protect the value of donations given by our generous donors, the large number of committed staff and volunteers and the older people we support.”

Sources said one con involved purchases being “under ringed” in tills and staff simply pocketing the difference. Police in Dorset are ­investigating the disappearance of ­thousands of pounds at one store. In North London staff resigned from a branch after alleged thefts were discovered.

Staff leave Age UK charity store after theft allegations

Staff and volunteers at a Camden charity shop have left their roles after bosses discovered cash and stock had been stolen.

Workers at the Age UK shop, in Kentish Town Road, Kentish Town, have handed in their notice following allegations of theft.

Volunteer stole £1,104 from Arnold charity shop to fund gambling habit

Sean O’Hara started off stealing £2-£3 a time from the Age UK shop in Arnold’s Front Street, but this escalated to £150-£200 a week, Nottingham Magistrates’ Court heard.

The 46-year-old also failed to register sales in the till. Over the course of five months last year, he stole £1,104 from the shop.

As we have blogged about previously, there are a number of factors behind staff members reason to steal. These include


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