Access your CCTV cameras from any internet enabled device SECURELY

looking at youBy popular demand, we have recently updated our solution to provide live video streaming from any CCTV camera managed by the Silverstar Analytics solution.

Key benefits of our solution compared to other techniques are

  • Secure by default: Unlike other solutions, our method is secure and uses end-to-end banking grade encryption.
  • Secure by configuration: Unlike other methods, you do not need to ‘expose’ your CCTV devices on the internet by poking holes in your firewall
  • Simple to setup: Takes 2 minutes to setup and unlike other solution requires no network changes.
  • Supported  browserSimple to use: Works with all internet browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc) across all devices including smart phones, tablets, PC’s, smart TV, etc.
  • No baggage: We do not require installation of any application, browser plugin or old-style java program. We work seamlessly with all modern browsers out of the box.
  • Easy to use: Each user is provided a unique login to our service and all cameras are listed by location to allow easy selection.
  • Works anywhere: Our adaptive frame rate and quality capability allows you access irrespective of the network speed.

Our solution allows you to monitor activity with your retail store from any location on the planet and answer questions like

  • global accessDid my staff open the store on time?
  • Did that delivery arrive on time and who is unpacking it?
  • Is my store busy?
  • Have the shelves been restocked?
  • With my absence, are my staff relaxing?

All while you are sunning yourself on Copacabana beach.

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