Silverstar Analytics announces advanced people counting analytics using Panasonic cameras


Silverstar Analytics are proud to announce the introduction of advanced people counting analytics.  By understand and identifying human faces we allow retailers to understand

  • people-countingFlow rates both at the entrance and exit, but also within zones within the store
  • Compare real-time measurement with previous days, weeks or months and gain valuable insight into operational performance
  • Calculate your store’s conversion ratio
  • Compare store performance across a worldwide network
  • Optimise your building layout and staffing levels
  • Improve customer service

We support all Panasonic 6, 5 & 3 series cameras, including

  • Panasonic 3 series: WV-SPN311, WV-SPN310 & WV-SC385
  • Panasonic 5 series: WV-SPN531
  • Panasonic 6 series: WV-SPN631, WV-SPN611 & WV-SFV631LT

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