Precise tracking of POSLavu transactions provides valuable insight

At Silverstar Analytics we big fans of the POSLavu solution. In their own works “Lavu Restaurant iPad POS: An intelligent combination of cloud computing, wireless technologies, and a sleek touchscreen interface for restaurant“. We agreed. It really is a super modern solution for restaurants and bars.

But, like nearly all point of sales solutions irrespective of generation, they all prioritize efficient function over enforcing policy or tracking policy violations. Understandable when you a queue of impatient customers. But this openness leaves staff many opportunities to manipulate the till for their own benefit. Editing of open transaction to remove items after the customer has paid (in cash) is a classic.

We have recently updated our POSLavu integration to allow tracking of all edits to open orders. This allows the manager or owner of a restaurants or bar to gain valuable insight into order manipulation, visibility that is just not possible any other way.

Below are a two real life examples.

Example 1


Transaction opened and items added at 12:40. One drink added at 2:15. 3:10 item removed and transaction closed 3 mins later.

Example 2 


Transaction opened and a range of drinks added around 8:20pm. Hours later a jug of water added for zero value, all previous drinks removed and the transaction closed.

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